The value of knowing your Business Value

Ask most business owners if they know what the value of their business is and they wont be able to tell you.  Business owners believe that they only need to know the value of a business when it is time to buy or time to sell.  This is simply not the case.  Knowing the value of your bu
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importance of a business plan

The Importance of a Business Plan

In 1992 a British psychologist conducted a study on elderly patients in a Scottish hospital, all of whom were having hip or knee replacments.  Back then (not sure if it is different now), recovery from a hip replacement was painful and hard work.  The patients had to begin exercise al
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setting goals

Turning Business Dreams into Reality

From the moment you open the doors of your business, until the time when you relinquish control, sustainable growth should be a key focus. The success you enjoy during your time as a business owner will be determined by your ability to grow in your chosen industry. Strategic planning
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SuperStream – Are you Ready?

  It has been talked about a lot, but what is Super Stream, and how is it going to effect your business? What is it? SuperStream is a government reform to help improve the efficiency of the superannuation system.  It means all superannuation payments will be made electronically.
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get paid, cashflow

Tips for getting paid quicker in 2016

Managing cash flow is one of the major problems and challenges facing small business in Australia.  It is not just a matter of providing the goods or services you offer to customers, this can be the easy part.  Getting paid, and getting paid on time can be another issue altogether! So
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